Clear Float Glass


It is the most common type of glass. Clear float glass can be processed into safety glass, including tempered glass, laminated glass, and insulated glass.

Low Iron, Super Clear or Extra Clear Glass

This sort of glass is the same as normal clear glass, except that the metal substance called iron oxide is reduced throughout the manufacturing process. It transmits more light than clear glass and is visible from the glass's edge, which is significantly less green than clear glass. Low iron glass is ideal for demonstrating colour clarity or displaying objects that do not require colour distortion, such as product presentations or artworks.

Tinted Glass


This tinted glass is made in the same way as normal float glass, but with the addition of various metal compounds to create stunning hues. Each coloured glass has a different amount of light transmission and heat insulation. Tinted glass is thus used to save energy and reduce heat entering the building, as well as to increase privacy within the building and for decorative purposes. Green glass, energy-saving green glass, SMG green glass, Dark grey glass, euro grey glass, crystal grey glass, blue glass, euro bronze glass, and more coloured glasses are available.


Mirror is covered with silver metal and other substances to create a reflection. It is available in a variety of clear and colourful finishes, including bronze mirrors, dark grey mirrors, and others. Mirrors are used in decorative works in addition to general use to create dimension, increase elegance, and make the space appear larger.

Patterned Glass

A glass with a variety of patterns on the surface. It is often used in decorative works to enhance elegance, such as ruby glass, fluted glass, moru glass, square glass and more.

Energy Saving Glass

1. Reflective Glass

2. Low-E Glass