Laminated Glass Machine

Lisec C.M.I.

For laminated glass production, a machine from Lisec C.M.I., Italy, has been selected for three main reasons:

1) the company is well-known for producing high quality manufacturing glass machines;
2) this machine has the best automatic system; and
3) it can produce up to 2,800 x 6,000 millimeters.

Quality of film is another component that we never neglect it. From among numerous selections of films for laminated glass, we use films from only the best two laminating film manufacturers in the world, Dupont; USA and Solutia Inc.; USA. Besides, the Thai Industrial Standards Institute has also given industrial standards — TIS 1222-2537 and TIS 1222-2560 — to our laminated glass products. Our customers can then be confident in our superior product quality.

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