Curved Glass


Curved glass is produced by heating the glass and bending it to the desired degree of curvature using our high-quality machines. It can be made into single-layer (tempered) glass as well as multilayer glass (laminated glass). This glass can be used for a variety of applications both inside and outside, such as furniture and display cabinets.

Cracked Ice Glass

It is a three-layer laminated tempered glass with the middle glass pane shattered to create a gorgeous pattern while being safe to use. It is frequently used for decorative purposes, such as glass table tops, furniture, kitchen walls, and partitions.

Frosted Glass


A type of glass that allows light to pass through while maintaining privacy. Shower doors, room partitions, windows, and patterned glass are examples of where it is widely used. 

1. Sandblasted glass

Sandblasting can be done at various depths on any desired area of the glass surface; nevertheless, the downsides of sandblasted glass are fingerprints and dirtiness.


2. Satin glass

A method of etching glass with acid to produce frosted glass with a matte, delicate, and silky touch. It has a low reflectance and is readily cleaned. It also protects against potential stains such as fingerprints and water stains, however satin glass is limited as it can only be selected from the standard design.