Tempered Heat Soaked Glass

Characteristics of the product

Tempered heat soaked glass has similar characteristics to tempered glass. The process begins with heating tempered glass to 290 ºC and remaining at that temperature for 2 hours, which does not affect any properties of tempered glass. The overall process is more than 4-5 hours as it has to begin with normal temperature until reach high degree at 290 ºC, following by decrease it to ambient temperature afterwards.

The main purpose of this action is to accelerate molecules of nickel sulfide (NiS) until tempered glass contained with NiS break in heat soaking furnace. This conduct is waste of energy as the chance of contaminating NiS is only 8 from 1,000 sheets. In some areas, it is important to ensure that there will be no spontaneous glass breakage because it is complex to substitute new glass, and assuredly come with a high cost of installment. Areas required high security are necessary to use tempered heat socked glass as well. Please be informed that tempered heat soaked glass still has a possibility of spontaneous glass breakage phenomenon; however, the risk will be lowered from 8 from 1,000 sheets to 4 from 10,000 sheets (reduced by 95 percent).


  1. 4-5 times stronger than float glass, enabling it to be tolerant towards crash, press, and squeeze.
  2. High-temperature resistance up to 290 ºC without spontaneous glass breakage.
  3. Tolerates acute temperature changes up to 150 ºC.
  4. In case of the glass breakage, it will break into small pieces unlike the shark-mouth breakage of ordinary glass which will be less harmful.


  1. Tempered heat soaked Glass cannot be cut, pierced, and chipped off.
  2. As tempered heat soaked glass has been exposed to high temperature during the production, the material becomes soft. Despite the fact that we exercise caution when moving glass inside the oven, there is still slightly wave and deflection. If required entirely smooth with no waves on glass such as the case of glass for photocopy machine, other types of glass are required.
  3. Tempered heat soaked glass still has a chance of spontaneous glass breakage at an average of 4 from 10,000 sheets.


As properties of tempered heat soaked glass and tempered glass are similar, heat soaked glass can completely be tempered glass substitute.


Thickness that can be produced: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19 millimeters


The smallest size that can be produced: 180 X 180 millimeters


The largest size that can be produced: 2,800 X 6,000 millimeters

* Remarks: The size of thin glass depends on raw materials; hence, please inquire about the size before ordering. 


Caution in use

  • Tempered heat soaked glass cannot be cut, pierced, and chipped off after the production. Thus, measuring areas carefully is necessary, and we encourage to use the unit of ‘millimeter’ for an accuracy. Allowing it to be slightly loose will enable to install glass easier, yet it shouldn’t be too loose to slip out of glass moldings.
  • A single piece of tempered heat soaked glass should not be used for making a roof or a wall of high-rise buildings as it is possible to fall over in case glass is broken.
  • A single piece of tempered heat soaked glass should not be applied for floor making, pedestrian areas, or staircase as people can fall down immediately when the glass is broken, and it can harm people down there as well.
  • Tempered heat soaked glass cannot be used as a substitution for fire-proof glass since tempered glass cannot resist fire and provide safety for residents according to the restriction of fire-proof.

The way to detect a tempered heat soaked glass

It impossible to examine whether glass is tempered heat soaked glass or not. The detection by using polaroid film can only indicate that the glass had been under heat treating process. Breaking glass or using special instrument (Laser GASP) can only disclose how much tension that particular glass contains and prove whether it is a tempered glass or not. Only information provided by the factory can indicate the use of heat soaking procedure; hence, the factory guarantees the breakage of heat soaked glass by substituting a new one in case of spontaneous glass breakage is detected. (Despite the fact that there is still risk of self breakage, the factory is willing to take responsibility over that risk.)

Notice: If tempered glass of any projects has a large number of glass breakage in tempered glass, it signifies that those tempered glass are not tempered heat soaked glass.